Burn with Me

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    I am the lust
    for sweet iron blood on your tongue

    I am The urge
    to fight with bare fists and broken nails

    I am the hunt
    of your desolate, desperate desires

    I am the dominant pleasure
    you hate to love

    I am Asenir
    God of Malice

    Please spare me the formalities

    ~Ginnungagap oc rp blog~
    ~Please read the rules and info pages~
    ~tracking: asenirgodofmalice~
    ~m!as:none accepting~

    Whilst i’ve been away, to anyones interest, I haven’t just been slacking and lazing about. I made this concept (the best of of 10 different configurations) for the tattoo i’m going to get. 

    It’s personal to me in the fact that it represents my dad and his life in a very simplified form and as time goes by i’m going to add bits and pieces like “Don’t Panic” written in bright red letters (yes hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) and other small things about his geeky life, all drawn inside the letters. 

    1. the-lostsister-ofmischief said: Dude…yes…I really like it. And it’s such a sweet idea.
    2. sketchingloki said: it is pretty!
    3. lokistuffs said: Dude that sounds so cool. I have a small tattoo but I’m a huge wimp and anything bigger than like. I don’t even know. Would have me screaming and running.
    4. asenirgodofmalice posted this